Monday, October 18, 2010

Accessory Trend Watch: Fall Sock Trend

In the 90’s I was a huge Clueless fan just as many young girls. I loved Cher and Dion’s sweater looks with the plaid skirts, knee high socks, and mary janes. I remember dressing up for school in variations of those looks. Well fast forward 2010 and the look is back in a revamped, new and improved form of course. All over the fall 2010 runway designers paired variations of trouser socks with skirts, dresses, shorts and pants looks. I really love this look and there are so many ways to wear it. You can go for the thigh high socks or keep it minimal with the midcalf socks. You can wear them with pumps, boots or sandals. This is a trend that I must incorporate into my fall wardrobe.

Alicia Silverstone as Cher in Clueless.

Vanessa Simmons during Spring 2010 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

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