Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Style Lookout: Solange

I must say I have become a Solange fan. I really hate that she sometimes gets left in the shadow of her sister Beyonce. Although she has a style that is completely her own many people still make the comparison. I have to admit I love her style. I admire her looks so much because she has “real style”, she is not trendy. Even as an artist she has a style that is solely her own. Her creativity is undeniable. She is always fashion forward and her style is unpredictable. She is someone that is not afraid to take risks. Initially I wasn’t big fan of her cutting her hair. Now I think it may have been one of the best things that she could have done for her over all style. She has really been rocking it to say the least. Her hair is a great compliment to her style. She is making that afro look FIERCE! Musically she seems to be inspired by the old school and that is reflected in her retro inspired ensembles. Her sound is somewhat reminiscent of a 1970's Diana Ross. She is a big fan of pairing bold prints with bright colors. She has a retro yet afrocentric sense of style that really works for her. Here are a few of Solange's looks.

Here is one of Solange's retro inspired videos

Solange did this FAB cover and editorial for the September/October issue of Fashizblack Magazine.

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Jenny K. said...

Her MV looks so cool, I love everything that's vintage

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